Décès de l’athlète américaine Gabriele Grunewald à 32 ans

L’athlète de 32 ans est décédée ce mardi d’un cancer. C’est la famille de la spécialiste du 1500m qui l’a annoncé.

À 7h52 (mardi), j’ai dit à mon héroïne, à ma meilleure amie, à mon inspiration, à ma femme: ‘J’ai hâte de te retrouver au plus vite‘”,  a déclaré Justin Grunewald, son mari, par le biais de son compte Instagram. Depuis 2009, Gabriele Grunewald souffrait d’une forme rare d’un cancer des glandes salivaires, auquel s’est ajouté, l’année suivante, un cancer de la thyroïde. Battante et malgré des opérations ainsi qu’un traitement lourd, l’athlète avait participé aux sélections pour les JO de 2012 à Londres, mais n’avait malheureusement pas été retenue en terminant 4ème du 1500m. Elle a également remporté, en 2014 le titre national du 3000m en salle. “Gabrielle restera l’une des athlètes les plus courageuses qu’il nous a été donné de rencontrer (…) Elle a inspiré et va inspirer beaucoup de gens“, a indiqué de son côté la Fédération américaine d’athlétisme.


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At 7:52 I said “I can’t wait until I get to see you again” to my hero, my best friend, my inspiration, my wife. @gigrunewald I always felt like the Robin to your Batman and I know I will never be able to fill this gaping hole in my heart or fill the shoes you have left behind. Your family loves you dearly as do your friends. When @chipgaines made the final push in his #chipinchallenge I could feel your happiness building and could also see that this made you ready to head up to heaven. Chip thanks for helping her to go up so peacefully with no suffering. To everyone else from all ends of the earth, Gabriele heard your messages and was so deeply moved. She wants you to stay brave and keep all the hope in the world. Thanks for helping keep her brave in her time of need 😪🙏🏻 #keeprunningonhope #bravelikegabe 📸 @pixelcrave 📷 @kohjiro_kinno

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Gonna need you guys to send me some extra #Brave vibes tonight as I am so, so very bummed that I won’t be able to make it to the @bravelikegabe 5k tomorrow — because I am in the hospital with an infection and need a procedure done bright & early in the AM. Literally the worst timing ever but I’m working with an all-star crew of friends, family, sponsors, and the ACCRF to make sure it’s a great race in St. Paul. . It’s not lost on me that maybe this is one of the most poignant ways to show just how critical research is. Cancer is nothing if not incredibly inconvenient and we need more options. I wish I didn’t have to show it in this way because there’s so many people I’d love to meet and catch up with tomorrow (including my grandma who I don’t see very often ❤️). . But I’m gonna be brave and fight these fevers and hopefully the procedure will help me out big time. 🙏 Prayers very much welcome. . Have a heck of a time out there and celebrate what you’ve helped support and accomplish through the research grant! So overwhelmed by the love and I can’t wait to hear the recap. ❤️ #bravelikegabe5k #bebrave #rarecancerresearch

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